Rabies Clinic

Date: October 22, 2022
Time: 8am-12pm
Cost: $10 per shot (dog or cat) (Animals must be at least 4 months of age)
Location: Holbert Building Parking Lot
Reminder: All animals remain in the vehicle. Please have cats in carriers

Non-county residents are welcome!


Don’t wait in line at the Rabies Clinic to register your dog or cat

Approximately one month prior to the rabies clinic, you may pre-register for the rabies clinic. You may appear at the Treasurer’s office and purchase both your rabies vaccination and your dog tag. You will be given a receipt and the Treasurer’s Office will hold the tags. On the day of the clinic, you will not have to do any paperwork. You will only need to present your receipt to the animal control personnel so that they can give you your tags and then your animal will be vaccinated.

Lifetime Dog Licenses

The Treasurer’s Office is now offering Lifetime Dog License for Spotsylvania County Residents.