Regional Agency FY 2022 Funding Application Requests

FY 2022 Agency Funding Application Requests

Each year, previously funded and new regional agencies are required to complete an application, as well as provide the following supporting documentation: IRS 501(c)(3) letter, Audit Report (with Management Letter), current Financial statement, IRS 990, Accountant Contact Information, organizational chart, current Board Roster (with contact information), and the Agency’s current Strategic Plan. See below for a link to each agency FY 2022 funding application.

Funding Reviews

Funding for regional agencies is included in the County department whose function is relative to the services provided by the agency. County staff from the relative Department reviews each agency request closely to evaluate how the services the agency provides will benefit the citizens of Spotsylvania County and to determine if there are duplication of services between County departments and other agencies. County staff provides a recommended level of funding for each regional agency in their Department budget. The Department of Social Services (DSS) Advisory Board thoroughly reviews each agency request related to Social Services.

Regional Agency FY 2022 Recommended Funding*
* Please be advised this is not the approved amount as the Board of Supervisors has several budget meetings before the final budget is adopted on April 13, 2021.