Voluntary Watering Schedule

By following the voluntary lawn and landscaping watering schedule, you can help maintain adequate water pressure and volume for you and your neighbors while also being a friend to the environment.

Odd Number Addresses*
Sunday, Tuesday, Friday
Even Number Addresses*
Monday, Thursday, Saturday
Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday

* We recommend customers irrigate on Wednesday as an alternate day.
Please consider setting your irrigation timer to avoid watering between peak demand hours of 5 a.m. and 9 a.m.

We always ask customers to conserve water wherever possible. Because the daily water demand more than doubles in the summer months, we suggest a voluntary watering schedule to promote water conservation. Following the recommended irrigation schedule helps to reduce peak demand on the water distribution system by up to 50%.  

If you program your irrigation system controller to activate at a different time than your neighbor, you will help to maintain sufficient water pressure in your home and your community. You can also install rain sensors and soil moisture detectors to avoid unnecessary irrigation and further reduce stress on the water distribution system.

To learn more about Spotsylvania County’s Water Conservation Initiative, please visit:  Water Conservation.


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