Reporting Fraud, Waste & Abuse

Spotsylvania County is dedicated to providing effective and efficient governmental services free from dishonesty, theft or fraud. In support of this mission, the County has established a hotline, available to employees and citizens, to report credible information about suspected fraud, waste and abuse occurring within Spotsylvania County Government.

This hotline is not a 911 or emergency service.  Do not use this site to report events presenting an immediate threat to life or property. Reports submitted through this service may not receive an immediate response.  

Anonymous and secure

Spotsylvania County recognizes the important role our employees play in preventing fraud, waste and abuse within our government. We also recognize that employees will be more likely to do the right thing and report instances of suspected wrongdoing if we take steps to help ensure their identifying information is protected.

The County has contracted with Lighthouse Services, LLC, an independent, third party vendor that specializes in providing confidential and anonymous reporting services. Hotline reports can be made completely anonymously or you can choose to identify yourself. While entirely optional, providing your name, telephone number or e-mail address allows investigators to follow up with any questions or requests for additional information.

Employees who identify themselves and make a good faith report of suspected fraud, waste or abuse are protected from retaliation in accordance with Virginia's Whistleblower Protection Act (Virginia Code 40.1-27.3, Retaliatory action against employee prohibited). The County will take all necessary steps to maintain confidentiality for employees to the extent allowable under the law.

What is Fraud, Waste and Abuse?

Fraud is the misrepresentation of a material fact, knowingly or with reckless indifference to the truth, in order to obtain a benefit or payment to which one would normally not be entitled.

Waste is the negligent or extravagant expenditure of County funds, incurring of expenses, or misuse of County resources or property.

Abuse is the intentionally wrongful or improper use of County resources that can include the excessive or improper us of one's position, in a manner contrary to its rightful or legally intended use.

Examples of what to report

Reportable incidents include, but are not limited to:

  • Theft of County funds or other assets
  • Use of County resources for personal or private business use
  • Falsification or tampering of official documents or reports
  • Timekeeping and expense-reporting fraud
  • Violations of County procurement policy or contract fraud
  • Conflicts of interest, bribery or kickbacks
  • County worker injury or disability fraud
  • Improper use, spending, or waste of County funds
  • Abuse of County position or authority
  • Other suspected fraud or abuse

Other concerns not covered through the hotline

The Hotline is intended for the reporting of fraud, waste and abuse within Spotsylvania County Government. The following resources are available to help address additional concerns not covered through this hotline.

Report criminal fraud in Spotsylvania (e.g. scams, identity theft, etc.) Sheriff’s Office Non-Emergency Number (540) 582-7115
Employee grievances or other HR related issues not requiring anonymity should be reported to HR Human Resources
(540) 507-7290
Complaints concerning government operations and employee conduct (i.e. customer service issue) Department Director or County Administration Staff Directory
Sheriff’s Office – complaint involving (division, officers, and/or employees) Sheriff’s Office Non-Emergency Number (540) 582-7115
Report Building Code Violations Code Compliance
(540) 507-7222 select option 3
[email protected]
Report Erosion Complaints Code Compliance
(540) 507-7222 select option 3
[email protected]
Report Zoning Complaints (tall grass, trash, inoperable vehicles, etc.) Planning & Zoning
(540) 507-7434 or [email protected]
Child Abuse or Neglect Child Protective Services
(800) 552-7096
Adult Abuse or Neglect Adult Protective Services
(888) 832-3858
Medicaid Fraud DMAS Fraud & Abuse Hotline
(866) 486-1971
Benefit Fraud (SNAP, TANF, Child Care, etc.) Social Services/Fraud Unit
(540) 507-7860

How to report

Call the Hotline: (833) 926-2369
Available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
Calls are non-traceable and toll-free

Report Online:    

Whether you contact the Hotline by phone or online, you will be prompted to answer a series of questions about the incident you wish to report. 

We encourage all employees and citizens to provide their email for future questions and correspondence. Employees electing to have a confidential dialog, with investigators through Lighthouse Services, are encouraged to use their personal email and avoid use of their County email address that may be traceable.

You will be required to create a user PIN and will be assigned a case number. It is important to keep track of your PIN and case number which allows you to provide and receive information about your report on an ongoing basis. Please note, the PIN cannot be retrieved by Lighthouse Services or Spotsylvania County if lost or misplaced.

Processing the report

Reports are logged and tracked in Lighthouse’s Case Management Software. Cases are screened by the County’s outsourced internal auditors, RSM US, LLP (RSM) to determine if the information provided is sufficient and significant enough to conduct an effective investigation. Cases not requiring investigation by local enforcement or our internal auditors will be shared with appropriate County staff for review and investigation.