Restaurant Certification Program

For complete information about Spotsylvania County’s Water Conservation Policy, please view:  Water Conservation Initiative.

Voluntary Restaurant Certification Program

The Restaurant Certification Program is adopted as a part of the Green Initiative and Water Conservation Program for restaurants located in Spotsylvania County.  

Restaurants in Spotsylvania County may apply to participate in the certification program. The Restaurant Certification Program shall be administered by the Spotsylvania County Department of Utilities/Public Works. The Application Form shall be completed and submitted to the Spotsylvania County Department of Utilities/Public Works. The make and model of the following equipment must be included in the application: Pre-rinse spray valves, toilets and ice machines. 

An applicant applying to participate in the Certification Program is subject to inspection by the department, or its representative, to determine that the facility meets all appropriate criteria. Inspections shall be conducted at reasonable times and may be conducted without notice. Inspections shall be conducted annually at minimum. If during an inspection, it is discovered that the participating restaurant is not in compliance with the applicable criteria, the department shall:  

  1. Issue a notice to the owner of the facility specifying the criteria not in d providing 14 days for the facility to repair the deficiencies, or additional time that may be appropriate under the circumstances.
  2. If the reported deficiencies are not repaired in the appropriate time period, the department shall revoke the certificate of participation.

Fees and Charges:
An applicant to the Certification Program shall pay to the department: 

  1. An application fee of $100; and;
  2. An annual renewal fee of $100.

Monthly Water User Rate Reduction Charges for Conservation:
Restaurants in good standing that meet the criteria of the restaurant certification program will be entitled to exemption from tier 4 level water rates as currently stated in chapter 22 section 22-128 of the Spotsylvania County Code provided that the monthly use does not exceed the established monthly baseline winter quarter use by more than 10% as defined in the Conservation Program and Policy. 

Operating Standards:

  1. Participating Restaurants must utilize the following equipment: 
    • All pre-rinse spray valves must be less than 1.6 gallons per minute. 
    • All toilets must be 1.6 gallons per flush or less. 
    • All ice machines must be air-cooled.
  2. Restaurants with lawn irrigation systems must participate in the irrigation system certification program and the irrigation system must be in good standing under the irrigation program.  

Signage and Advertising:

  1. A certified restaurant may display signage, approved by the Department, advertising that the restaurant is certified as participating in the Certification Program.
  2. A certified restaurant may be identified on a list published by the Department advertising that the restaurant is certified.
  3. A certified restaurant may use a logo or phrase, approved by the Department, in advertising, mailings, and other promotional material indicating that the restaurant is participating in the Certification Program. 
Water Restaurant Sign
Water Restaurant Dinner
Water Restaurant Patio Dining
Water Restaurant Dining with Chalkboard Art

For more information, contact Customer Service:
540-507-7300, Press Option 1.