Preventing Leaks and Floods

Some water emergencies in the home or business, such as leaks and weather-related flooding, are preventable.  Here are some ways you can prevent property damage:

  • Check around and under appliances, such as the dishwasher or refrigerator, for signs of leaking water.
  • Replace washing machine hoses according to the manufacturer’s instructions. Most companies recommend at least every three to five years to prevent them from leaking.  
  • Check water heaters for rust, which may signal a problem. Make sure your water heater has a pan and drain under it. If your water heater is several years old, you should get it checked to make sure it is functioning properly.
  • Check sink, ice machine, and dishwasher water lines for leaks and other damage or deterioration.
  • Consider buying an automatic water valve shut-off device, to use in case of emergency.  
  • To prevent roof leaks, clean debris from your roof and gutters regularly, and repair any damage to the roof.
  • Make sure downspouts are pointed away from the foundation.
  • Remove garden hoses and turn off the water to exterior taps in the winter. If there is no exterior cut-off valve, insulate the tap; and, consider installing an exterior cut-off valve.  To learn more, visit:  Tips for Winterizing Your Plumbing.