Well Disinfection Procedures

  • Measure depth of water in the well (not necessary for drilled wells).
  • Add one quart of Clorox for every six feet of water in the well
  • For drilled wells, add one gallon of Clorox or ½ pound of HTH
  • Open faucets individually inside and outside of house and let run until the smell of Clorox is detected. Then, shut them off.
  • Allow disinfectant to stand in pipes for 24 hours. Now that your entire water system has been disinfected, your goal is to get rid of this treated water.
  • Preferably, using outside faucet, let water run for 15 to 20 minute intervals (so as not to burn up pump). Make sure that this runoff is channeled away from your septic tank and drainfield system and, also away from your well.

Sampling the Water

When the odor of clorox can no longer be detected (even faintly), you are ready to sample the well water. contact a state approved water testing laboratory to obtain an approved sample container for coliform bacteria analysis, and for sampling instructions.

The results of the test should be submitted to the Health Department to attach to your file. Please be sure to have the owners name, tax map Number of the property and any other pertinent information on the analysis sheet so that we can place the information with the correct file.