Final Acceptance

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Final Acceptance:

Final Inspection of the constructed water and sanitary sewer infrastructure shall occur when final paving is complete. During the Final Inspection, the County Inspector will witness and verify that all public utility infrastructure is operational, accessible, and conforms to all County, Department, and any appropriate regulatory agency requirements.

The Owner/Developer/Engineer/Contractor shall submit a Request for Final Acceptance on the Project Tracking Portal.

If the project is not accessible on the Project Tracking Portal, the Owner/Developer/Engineer/Contractor can request in writing by emailing the Request for Final Acceptance Request to the Utilities Development Services Manager, Joshua Adkins, at [email protected].

Bond Release:

All bond release inquiries must be routed through the Spotsylvania County Planning Department.  To provide guidance for the release of water and sanitary sewer infrastructure, please view the Spotsylvania County Utilities Department’s Bonding Policy.