Chesapeake Bay Preservation

The Chesapeake Bay and its tributaries is one of the most important and productive estuarine systems in the world, providing economic and social benefits to the citizens of Spotsylvania County and the Commonwealth of Virginia. The health of the bay is vital to maintaining Spotsylvania County's economy and the welfare of its citizens.

The Chesapeake Bay waters have been degraded significantly by many sources of pollution, including nonpoint source pollution from land uses and development. Existing high quality waters are worthy of protection from degradation to guard against further pollution. Certain lands that are proximate to shorelines have intrinsic water quality value due to the ecological and biological processes they perform. Other lands have severe development constraints from flooding, erosion, and soil limitations. With proper management, they offer significant ecological benefits by providing water quality maintenance and pollution control, as well as flood and shoreline erosion control. These lands together, designated by the Spotsylvania County as the Chesapeake Bay Preservation Area, need to be protected from destruction and damage in order to protect the quality of water in the bay and consequently the quality of life in Spotsylvania County and the Commonwealth of Virginia.