Monthly Transfer Reports

  ** Monthly reports for January to November 2020 are now available. December transfers will be uploaded in late January 2021. **  


Currently, our real estate assessment system does not allow for customized searching of transfers.

The information in these reports are limited to transfer and consideration criteria. These do not contain improvement details. All reports are current at the time of publishing.

Reports can now be found at this link:    Monthly Transfer Reports  January through November 2020 available as of 01/12/2021.

 Each month has reports sorted by the following:

  -  Acreage
  -  Legal Description
  -  Parcel ID
  -  Physical Address
  -  Selling Price
  -  Transfer Date

Hopefully, this will better assist you in your research. If you have any problems viewing these reports, comments or suggestions, we want to hear from you.