If you are preparing to build in Spotsylvania County, water and sanitary sewer service is a critical asset for development. It is important to plan early to determine how these services will be provided to the property.  

If you would like to find out if water and/or sanitary sewer services are available through Spotsylvania County Utilities to a specific property, please email [email protected]. If the property is eligible for service, record drawings and other information, such as flow and/or capacity, can be provided upon formal written request.

If you are a Private Developer, and you wish to proceed with obtaining Spotsylvania County Utilities water and/or sanitary sewer services, it is highly recommended that you schedule a pre-design meeting with the Utilities Development Services team prior to making any formal submissions. If you would like to schedule a meeting, please complete the Development Services Meeting Request Form (PDF) and email the form to [email protected]. Online Form:  Development Services Meeting Request

If Spotsylvania County Utilities water and/or sanitary sewer services are not available, you may need to contact the Virginia Department of Health’s Environmental Division for further guidance. 

Spotsylvania County Utilities Rates, Fees & Charges:

Spotsylvania County Code of Ordinances 

We have provided links below to the information that is most requested. All of the links are from Chapter 22 - Water, Sewers and Sewage Disposal.  We encourage everyone to check out the entire Chapter for additional important information.     

Availability Fees:

Connection Fees:

Financing Options: 

User Consumption Rates: