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General Access
YouTubeIconProject Plan and Department Responsibilities Video
YouTubeIcon Opens in new windowLogging Into Finance Enterprise!
YouTubeIconNavigation and Workspaces
Adding Bookmarks to Chrome from Google
Entry Screens in Finance Enterprise
Reports and Utilities in Finance Enterprise
Purchase to Pay(P2P) Diagram

Purchasing (Requests and Orders)
Basic Purchase Request
Blanket Purchase Request
Purchase Request against a Blanket
Change Orders 
Closing a Purchase Request

Accounts Payable (Invoices)
Invoice - Direct Pay (No PO)
Invoice - Extracted from a PO

General Ledger - Accounts
Finding an Account when entering transactions

Person Entity(Vendors/Customers)

Budget Adjustments

Documents Online
Attachments from Screen
Document Capture

Workflow Approvals
Restarting Workflow
List of Security Codes (Excel)