Finance Enterprise for Spotsylvania County

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Welcome.  Finance Enterprise is the new financial system for Spotsylvania County. There will be a phased roll out of the system beginning with the General Ledger, Accounts Payable, Purchasing, and new utilities and features such as customized workspaces, automated workflows, and improved reporting and dashboard snapshots.

  • Now is the time to test the system. After receiving training, login to the system and practice entering purchase requests, and submitting invoices for payment. If you have more advanced tasks, the Finance Enterprise system administrator will provide you with additional permissions to test functions relevant to your role. Link to Finance Enterprise:
  • Getting Started. Take a moment to review the known issues list. During testing and custom development, there are some errors that are in the process of being corrected. If you find an error not listed, send a brief description with a screen capture if possible to the following e-mail address: [email protected]


Final Setup 

  • Meeting - P2P & Account Overview
    • Participants:
      • Department Decision Makers
      • Accounting
      • Accounts Payable
      • Procurement
      • Finance Systems
    • Topics:
      • Review the new P2P Process and new Account Structure
      • Select Wizard(s) for Department
      • Decide on Creators/Approvers to start testing
    • End-Goal
      • Finance Systems Office will setup and assign user’s security
      • Accounting will set up new Accounts as needed
  • Development (1/9/23 - 1/20/23)
    • Participants:
      • Finance Systems Office
    • Topics:
      • Create User assignments for Security, Workflow, and Neogov
      • Review Department setup with departments
      • Updated user setup as needed
      • Rough draft of videos based on lesson plans
  • Basic Training

Wizard Training 

  • In Person Select Wizard Training (1/23/23 - 2/3/23)
    • Participants:
      • Specific Wizards will be selected to receive in-person training and provide input on the contents of the lesson.
      • Other Wizards can watch live or view the recording afterwards
    • Topics:
      • Prerequisites
        • Learning Course Finance Enterprise Part 1
        • Workflow and Approvals Video
        • Entry Screens Video
        • Assignment: 
          • Log into Test Environment and delete notification
      • Training Day 1 (Monday 1/23/23)
        • Overview of Logging in
        • Uniform Chart of Accounts
        • P2P
        • Workflow and Approvals
        • Assignment: 
          • Review your CoA and Workflows
      • Training Day 2 (Wednesday 1/25/23)
        • Purchase Requests
          • Reserving Funds With Encumbrances
          • Requiring 1-3 Quotes
        • Copy a PR
        • Cognos Reports
        • Assignment: 
          • Create a Purchase Request in Test
      • Training Day 3 (Friday 1/27/23)
        • Direct Pay Invoices
        • Utilities (Proof Listing)
        • Invoice From a PO
        • Copy an Invoice
        • Assignment: 
          • Create an Direct Pay Invoice 
          • Create an invoice from a PO 
      • Training Day 4 (Tuesday 1/31)
        • PO Maintenance
          • Change Orders
          • Close/Cancel
          • Reopen
        • Fully Paying Invoices
        • Assignment: 
          • Process a Change Order
          • Close a PO
      • Training Day 5 (Thursday 2/2)
        • Advanced PO:
          • Solicitations (IFB/RFQ/RFP)
          • Task Orders
          • Blankets
          • Sole Source
        • Assignment: 
          • Create a Blanket PO 
          • Create a PO against a Blanket
    • End Goal:
      • Provide early training to create department resources.
      • Get Feedback on lesson plans that will become Neogov Courses.
  • Development (2/6/23 - 2/24/23)
    • Participants:
      • Finance Systems Office
      • Module Leads
    • Topics:
      • Finish Development of Videos and Neogov Courses
  • Wizard & Department Head Review (2/6/23 - 2/24/23)
    • Participants:
      • Wizard who attended Training
      • Department Heads
    • Topics:
      • Discuss any questions about the system and any changes that may be needed
    • End-Goal:
      • Get any request for changes into Finance Systems Office
      • Ask any department specific questions not covered in training

Department Training/Parallel  

  • Department Training ( 2/27/23 - 3/17/23)
    • Participants:
      • Department Users
    • Topics:
      • In-person training will be offered the same as it was for the selected Wizards
      • Video Recordings will be available
    • End Goal:
      • All users prepped for Parallel 
  • Assignment – Parallel Testing (3/13/23 - 3/31/23)
    • Participants:
      • Department Users
    • Topics:
      • Each department will be responsible for entering the invoice/PR’s given to them and have them fully approved and ready to be paid by 3/31
    • End Goal:
      • A fake check run will be ran in Finance Enterprise and compared to H.T.E.

Final Review 

GO-LIVE 5/1/2023


General Inquiries
[email protected]

Nick Sotier
Finance System Admin
[email protected]

Budget/Project Accounts 
Julie A Elliott
Budget Manager
[email protected] 

General Ledger
Eric Slivka
[email protected]

Accounts Payable
Rebecca Kitta
Accounting Supervisor, Finance
[email protected]

Toni Vaughan
Procurement Division Administrator
[email protected]

Fixed Assets
Adam Rollyson
Senior Accountant
[email protected]

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