Restricted License

Certain traffic and criminal convictions by Virginia Code require operator’s license suspension. Each drug related conviction results in a mandatory 6-month license suspension.

Instructions for requesting a Restricted License

  1. Fill out the Restricted License Application Form. The application must be completed for all cases.
  2. The clerk will prepare the restricted license order for the judge’s consideration. Please note all restricted license orders are subject to the judge’s approval.
  3. If your restricted license is approved by the judge, you will be contacted to come into the clerk’s office to sign and pick it up.
  4. After you receive the order granting you a restricted license, you have (15) days from the effective date to take it to VASAP (if ordered) and (60) days to take it to DMV.
  5. Once the suspension has expired, it is your responsibility to go back to DMV to get your license reinstated. DMV may have other requirements that you have to comply with before your license is reinstated.