Lake Anna Advisory Committee


The Lake Anna Advisory Committee (LAAC) is a joint administrative organization between Counties of Orange, Spotsylvania, and Louisa, under provisions of the Code of Virginia. The purpose of LAAC is to address matters of joint interest pertaining to Lake Anna and the adjacent shorelands governed by the surrounding counties.  Click here for additional information.

Day and Time of Meetings:
Meets every other month on the fourth Wednesday of the month at 7 p.m. beginning in January.

Rotation between County Board Rooms

One Board member and two citizen members from each of three Counties, Louisa, Orange and Spotsylvania

Board or Staff Representative:
Jacob Lane (Livingston Supervisor)
Kevin Marshall (Berkeley Supervisor)

County Support Staff:
Paulette Mann, Planning Department, 507-7447
Takes minutes when meeting is in Spotsylvania  

Purpose or Mission Statement:

1. To promote cooperation and coordination among the local governing bodies and Dominion Energy on issues concerning Lake Anna;

2. To develop recommendations for new or revised ordinances/legislation, specifically addressing the needs, issues and/or problems involving Lake Anna, its shoreline, its shore land area behind the lake, and the watersheds of Lake Anna as designated by the local governments;

3. To promote planning and management for land, water and other natural resources and environmental quality maintenance;

4. To administer the on-lake marker program (i.e. No Wake);

5. To promote research, control and /or eradication of undesirable aquatic weeds in Lake Anna and to improve the quality of the water and to control pollution in and around Lake Anna; and

6. To meet and discuss all local, state and federal agencies concerned with quality of human life, water, pollution, recreation, wildlife, fish and fishing conditions, in and around Lake Anna, and to pass on to all governmental agencies on the local, state or federal level any recommendations believed feasible and necessary to accomplish the purpose of this advisory committee. The central assumption of this agreement is that the areas of Lake Anna (including the principal shoreland areas) in Louisa, Orange and Spotsylvania counties are to be considered for policy guidance jointly, not independently; thus this agreement and the fulfillment of its purposes should survive and depend on the participation of all three Counties and Dominion Energy.

Other Comments:

Created by Ordinance on March 22, 1994 

Who Appoints: Board of Supervisors

Length of Term: 2 years