Sportsmanship Award

The staff has made the selections for the 2019 Memorial Awards given by the Department.  The Memorial Awards to be given are the Justin Cook - (Baseball Player), Brian Fairbanks - (Soccer Player), Andy Drikas - (Soccer Player), and Linwood Swan - (Baseball Coach)- Embrey, Graves and Ludlam - (Football Coach), Embrey, Graves and Ludlam - (Cheerleading Coach) and Charles Pickett-(Basketball Coach).

Justin Cook Award - Jered Bentley

Brian Fairbanks Award - Chase Santmyer

Andy Drikas Award - Heather Baker

Linwood Swann Award - Seth Leary

Embrey, Graves, and Ludlam Award - Justin Rice

Embrey, Graves, and Ludlam Award - Tammy Howdershelt

Charles Pickett Award - Paul PJ Thomas

When considering which players to select, the following criteria were used:  Desire, hustle play to their ability, sportsmanship, dependability, workmanship, team player, and attitude.  The criteria for the coaches awards was the following:  Sportmanship, fair play, preparation for the season, good teacher of the fundamentals, time for every player, supporter of the program, appreciation of the game, teamwork, and developer of character.  

If you have any questions concerning this year awards, please feel free to contact Brian Barnes at 540-507-7526. 

Congratulations to all of our 2019 Honorees!