Restoration of Driving Privileges


The Civil Department handles two different types of cases involving Restoration of Driving Privileges

The petition for restoration for Habitual Offender may be filed either in the court that adjudicated the habitual offender status or in the circuit court of the jurisdiction in which the petitioner resides. Va. Code §§ 46.2-358, 46.2-360, 46.2-361.

The petition for restoration for DUI/Third Offense may be filed in the circuit court of his/her residence, or if non-resident, any circuit court.  Va. Code §46.2-391.

You must be eligible to Petition for Restoration, please refer to your Transcript or Compliance Summary from the Division of Motor Vehicles. If you are a Habitual Offender and have been convicted of Driving while Intoxicated - Third Offense you will need to file both Petitions and pay both filing fees.

Please note that this is not legal advice or representation,as the Clerk's Office is unable to give legal advice.