Bid Tabulations

Current Bid Tabulations

  1. 21-14-AS Quote Tabulation
  2. 22-21-SD Modular Office Building Bid Tabulation
  3. 23-01-KB Lake Bottom Booster Pump Station and Brock Tank Waterline Extension Bid Tab
  4. 23-06-KB Chiller Replacement - Fire and Rescue Station Company 10
  5. 23-10-AS - Merchant Square Roof Replacement - Unofficial Bid Tabulation
  6. 23-11-KB Brush-Wildland Firefighting Vehicle Bid Opening
  7. 23-14-AS - Public Opening of Bids
  8. 23-18-AS - Public Opening of Bids
  9. Bid Opening - IFB No. 20-14-TV - Olde Greenwich Phase 4
  10. Bid Opening - IFB No. 20-17-EG - Massaponax WWTP Bioreactor Wall Repair
  11. Bid Opening 23-05-SD Towing Services
  12. Bid Opening 23-09-TS Horizontal Grinder
  13. Bid Opening Brock Catlett Waterline
  14. Bid Opening for IFB No. 20-21-EG Hairfield Drive Sanitary Sewer Extension
  15. Bid Opening IFB 21-10-AS Two Quad Axle Hydraulic Dump Trailers
  16. Bid opening IFB No 22-02-TS Belmont Park
  17. Bid opening IFB No 22-02-TS Belmont Park
  18. Bid Opening IFB No. 19-25-TV Thornburg WWTP Expansion and Upgrade
  19. Bid Opening IFB No. 20-13-EG Box Truck Vehicle
  20. Bid Opening IFB No. 20-16-EG Massaponax WWTP Influent Pump Station Wet Wells Cleaning
  21. Bid Opening IFB No. 21-06-TV Grounds Maintenance Government Facilities
  22. Bid Opening IFB No. 21-09-TV Grounds Maintenance Dams.Reservoirs
  23. Bid Opening Massaponax WWTP Expansion IFB No. 22-10-TV
  24. Bid Opening Results - Courthouse Streetscape Phase II and III
  25. Bid Opening Results - IFB #20-09-EG Lake Bottom Municipal Improvement Project
  26. Bid Opening Results - IFB No. 20-18-EG Grantwood Acres Sewer Pipeline Rehabilitation
  27. Bid Opening Results IFBNo 22 04 TS Loriella Park Lighting Project
  28. Bid Opening Results Chewning Park Lighting Project
  29. Bid Opening Results Co. 6 Bunkroom Addition
  30. Bid Opening Results Courtland High School Force Main and Water Main Extension
  31. Bid Opening Results IFB No. 20-03-EG Massaponax Interceptor Replacement Phase IV
  32. Bid Opening Results IFB No. 20-20-EG 24th Street Water Main and Gravity Sewer Extension
  33. Bid Opening Results IFB No. 21-01-EG Ni River Water Treatament Plant Roof Replacement
  34. Bid Opening Results IFB No. 21-02-EG Rail Spur Monthly Inpsections, Maintenance and Repair Services
  35. Bid Opening Results IFB No. 21-03-EG Mobile Equipment Installation Services
  36. Bid Opening Results IFB No. 21-05-TV Merchants Square Building Renovation
  37. Bid Opening Results IFB No. 22-14-EG Spotsylvania Towne Centre Utility Improvements Project
  38. Bid Tabulation Holbert Building Elevator Number Two Modernization IFB No. 21-32-EG
  39. Bid Tabulation IFB No. 21-17-EG Madeline and Stratford Ave Waterline Extension.docx
  40. Bid Tabulation IFB No. 21-21-EG Gateway Business Park Grinder Pump Station
  41. Bid Tabulation IFB No. 21-29-TV Plumbing Services
  42. Bid Tabulation IFB No. 22-08-TS Merchanst Square Carpet Renewal
  43. IFB 22-30-KB Bid Tabulation
  44. IFB No. 20-08-EG Roll Off Refuse Vehicle BID TABULATION
  45. IFB No. 22-01-EG Olde Greenwich Electrical Service Relocation - Bid Tabulation
  46. IFB No. 22-05-EG Olde Greenwich Electrical Service Relocation Bid Tabulation
  47. IFB No. 22-06-EG Circuit Court Security Fence Bid Tabulation
  48. IFB No. 22-09-EG Waterline Extension Lick Run Community Center
  49. IFB No. 22-12-EG Virginia Central Railroad Trail Maintenance Plan Bid Tabulation
  50. IFB No. 22-15 Fawn Lake Pump Stations 27 and 58 Sewer Improvements Project IFB Bid Tabulation
  51. IFB No. 22-18-SD Gordon Road Bid Tabulation
  52. Livingston Landfill Phase II Cells 11A and 11B Construction - IFB No. 22-13-EG Bid Tabulation
  53. Public Opening of Bids - Pump Station 52 Sewer Improvements
  54. Quote Tabulation - RFQ 21-04-TV
  55. RFQ No. 20-15-EG Background Checks - Quote Tabulation
  56. RFQ No. 22-20-EG Bid Tabulation Srap Master Elliptical End Dump Trailer or Equivalent