About Interactive GIS Mapping

Objectives of the GIS Website

Provide Citizen & Business Access to the County’s GIS Mapping Data

Spotsylvania County has been collecting and maintaining a variety of mapping data that is used daily by county employees. The GIS website makes this data available to the Spotsylvania County citizens and businesses. Having this information available online will provide answers to a variety of questions which often times may eliminate the need to make a trip to the County offices.

Ability to Research Current & Historical Spatial (Mapping) Data

The data on the GIS website is searchable. A user can search for data by address, street name, tax map and parcel number and a variety of other attributes. In addition, historical aerial photos from 2002, 2007, 2009 and 2013 are available on the site. These features allow a user to conduct a research by identifying the spatial relationships of the data.

View & Analyze Aerial Imagery of the County

The State supports an aerial imagery program whereby the entire state of Virginia is flown every three years. The State makes this data available to the cities and counties. We just added the 2017 aerials to our website.

Access to Tax Parcel Information in Map & Tabular Form

The County tax parcels are available in digital form on the GIS website. A user can locate a parcel by entering in the street address or the tax map number. The site will zoom to the tax parcel and display a host of information about the parcel. Owner information and legal description are imported from the Commissioner of Revenue's Office systems and is updated only a daily basis. Assessment information is updated once a year, normally after the landbook has been published and tax rate has been approved by the Board of Supervisors.

View & Analyze Zoning Data

Up-to-date zoning data is available on the GIS website. This color coded information shows each of the zone types and can be viewed in relationship with other data layers including tax parcels, aerial imagery or historic districts. Please contact the Zoning Office at 540-507-7222 for official zoning determinations prior to making any land use decisions.

Ability to Print Color Map

The GIS website has a print function that allows the user to print the map that is presently being viewed. The print function will support map for 8 ½ x 11 only. Users can also export images from the website in a .pdf or .jpg format.

Ability to View & Analyze a Plethora of Environmental Mapping Data

County employees work daily with a variety of environmental data. The GIS Division collect and maintain this data, which is available on the GIS website. Layers such as Resource Protection Areas (RPA’s), 100 year flood zones, soil data, wetlands, watersheds, streams/rivers and river/reservoir overlay districts can be view and analyzed in relationship to other layers such as tax parcels or building footprints. The following environmental datasets were obtained from external sources: Soils, FEMA 100 year flood zone, wetlands, watersheds and subwatersheds. Any data obtained from external sources are maintained and updated by the external data provider We will posting a page shortly to show the sources of our data soon.

Ability to Make Linear & Area Measurements

The GIS website also has a measurement function that allows a user to measure acreage or square footage for general reference only. Any acreage listed in GIS is based upon legal documents (deed or plats) that have been recorded in the Spotsylvania County Clerk of the Circuit Court Office. This feature provides the capability to determine, for example, the approximate size of your pond or the size of your field.

Ability to Identify Your Voting District & Precincts

Data layers containing voting districts and voter precincts are available on the GIS website. Having this data available allows a user to enter their address and have the voting district and voter precinct displayed. We have expanded this feature to include State House, State Senate and U.S. Congressional Districts.

This search is based on your property's location in relation to the voting districts lines. There a few instances where voting districts lines do not follow neatly along a property lines, so you may see results that may not match your voter card. If there are any questions about your voting district or precinct please contact the Voter's Registrar's Office at 540-507-7380.