Some say a picture is worth a thousand words, and this is definitely true to a historian. One photograph can display the style of clothing residents wore in a given period, the landscape of the county or even what a building originally looked like. All of these are important aspects of history, and they weave together the fabric of Spotsylvania County's history to make it more accessible.

Our photograph collection is slowly growing, from images of County residents soon after photography had been developed to pictures of Spotsylvania County officials during the 20th Century.

Luther CLuther Chiltonhilton

This is a tintype of Luther Chilton, one of over 60 tintypes and carte de viste (CDV) of the Chilton family and relatives found in the Chilton family portrait album. This album is part of a collection courtesy of Mrs. Hester Digges.

Berea Christian Church

Berea Christian ChurchThis is one of the earliest known photographs of Berea Christian Church. The building was built in 1856 under the direction of Samuel Alsop. For more information about the church, please check out the article about it featured on our blog.