Artifacts & Textiles


The Spotsylvania County Museum has an extensive collection of artifacts to assist in sharing our County's history. These objects range from bricks from Governor Alexander Spotswood's home-the "Enchanted Castle"-to Native American arrowheads and a spinning wheel found in a local resident's home.

Virginia State Flag

Virginia State FlagFlags similar to this one have flown in Virginia since the 1830s, but Virginia did not officially adopt a flag until April 30, 1861, after its succession from the Union. The flag is made up of the state seal on a field of blue. This Virginia state flag is in the collection courtesy of the Spotsylvania Historical Association, Inc.

Slave Tag

Slave TagThis is a slave tag circa 1850. When a slave owner wanted to rent out his slaves, he was required by law to pay an annual tax. Slave tags were issued as poof of payment, and the slave for rent was required to wear it. The tag would state the year it was issued and the slave's occupation. This slave tag is in the collection courtesy of Deborah Pederson.