Photograph Request

We are currently looking for photographs of early Spotsylvania County residents. Listed are those in particular that we are seeking. If you have a photograph you would like to donate, loan or simply share with us, please email the museum  or call us at 540-507-7278.Conceptual Building Entrance

  • Photograph or portrait of Joseph Sanford and/or immediate family members.
  • Photograph or portrait of Robert Dabney and/or immediate family members.
  • Photograph or portrait of Samuel Alsop and/or immediate family members.
  • Photographs of the County to include buildings and scenes prior to 1940.

Expansion Plans

As our collection expands and the number of people we serve grows, so does our need for additional space. It is time to put everything under one roof! Having a Cultural and Heritage Center capable of housing the Museum and providing a setting for Special Events for all County residents is one of our dreams. View one of our conceptual floor plans and tell us what you think!

First Floor

First Floor Conceptual Plan

Second Floor

Second Floor Conceptual Plan to Gallery

Other Needs

The Museum also has other needs, such as exhibit cases, archival storage containers and money to help the conservation efforts of our prized artifacts, textiles, archival materials and photographs. If you are interested in helping with these efforts, please consider making a donation to the Museum. Or if there is a particular aspect of the Museum you would like to help support, please contact our Museum Director.

We thank you for your interest in the Spotsylvania County Museum and hope to see you soon!