8/12/2016 - Spotsylvania Earns AAA Bond Rating

Spotsylvania County is very pleased to announce that its General Obligation (GO) bond rating has been upgraded to AAA by Fitch.  This is the highest possible rating and comes after many years of demonstrating strong financial management through adoption of and adherence to fiscal policies; maintaining ample fund balance; ensuring budgetary flexibility; and, sustaining manageable debt levels.

In addition, Moody's Rating Agency has upgraded the County's rating to Aa1.  Standard and Poor's affirmed its rating of Spotsylvania GOs to AA+.  All of these actions reflect the County's strong financial management and fiscal resiliency.

For copies of the agency reports, with excerpts from the presentation made by the County's staff to the agencies, visit:

Bonds -- 2016 Bond Issuance

August 12 Updated Press Release