9/13/2018 - Effective 9/13 Harrison Rd. Convenience Center will no longer accept commercial brush/leaf/landscape debris

Harrison Road Convenience Center:  Suspension of Commercial Brush/Leaf/Landscape Debris Collection

Effective Thursday, September 13, 2018, the Harrison Road Convenience Center (5917 Harrison Road, Fredericksburg, VA) will suspend collection of commercial brush and leaves at the facility. Residential brush and leaf collection will continue. This change is in response to the limited ability to safely handle and store high volumes of materials at this site. Commercial users are defined as those customers delivering brush/leaves/landscape debris by means of mechanical dumping (dump trucks, box trucks, dump trailers) and vehicles clearly associated with a related commercial business (trucks with advertisements, trailers with multiple mowers, multiple site visits within 24 hours, etc). Commercial customers may still bring brush, leaves, and landscape debris to the Livingston Landfill (6241 Massey Road, Spotsylvania, VA).