Budget Questions and Responses 

Budget Questions

During the budget development process, staff takes note of the questions asked by Board members and provides written responses to questions for which responses were not readily available at the time the questions were asked. 

Below is the list of the questions received to date.  The list will be updated as questions are received from the Board and the responses are sent to the Board.  
1 What is the reinsurance fee? What is its purpose? Response
2 Has staff considered consolidation of services with the Schools? Response
3 Starting with FY 2009, what has been the revenue growth rate and what has been the inflation rate each year? Response
4 What benefits do the County and its citizens receive from the regional agencies the County funds? Response
What benefits do the County and its citizens receive from the various associations that County departments participate in?  Response 
6 Since the value of health insurance benefits is now supposed to be reported on W-2s, is it the federal government’s intent to tax those benefits? Response
7 Can staff identify funding for preliminary design of upgrades to our I95 interchanges? Response 
8 Provide a list of replacement vehicles: buses, ems vehicles, Sheriff, County vehicles, equipment. Response
9 Regarding PTO letter to FLS, please provide answers to multiple “key points.” Response
10  What are the median and average teacher salaries currently paid in Spotsylvania? How does our starting pay for teachers compare to Stafford? Does Spotsylvania hold job fairs like the one Stafford recently held for teacher positions?  Response
11 Given the article in the Free Lance-Star this weekend, it appears that Stafford only has 325 or so County employees and a budget of $253M. Can you explain the difference between our two counties based off the FLS article? Response 
12 Please provide the Schools’ responses to questions 8 and 9. Response 
13 Additional Schools questions: 
• What is the graduation percentage in Spotsylvania? 
• What is the per capita cost for a HS student? MS student? 
• What is the salary of each administrative member of the school system? 
• How much are we paying school administrators, retired and/or no longer here? 
• What are the procedures for applying for use of school facilities after hours? Gyms, class rooms? 
14 Provide the annual mileage we put on each of our County vehicles. Response
15  Provide list of cuts made over the past 6 years.  Response
16 What cuts have the Schools made over the past 6 years?  Response
17  Prioritize CIP projects  Response
18 Which projects are in FY 2014 in the CIP?  Response
19 What is the savings and what are the consequences if we were to reduce the GWRC contribution by 50%?  Response
20 What would be the savings and consequence if we were to reduce aid to non-profits by 50% this year and 25% in subsequent years?  Response
21 What is the consequence of discontinuing contributions to the Fredericksburg Regional Alliance? What is the status of economic development marketing and NAED? What are the technology zone incentives and how much are they? Why is there an increase in the Chamber of Commerce contribution?  Response
22 Why is the FRED subsidy increasing?  Response
23 What are the cost-benefit analyses for all associations the County participates in?  Response
24 What are the consequences if we were to cancel association memberships with VACo and NACo?  Response
25 What is the justification for the $450K included in the budget for laptops and desktops?  Response
26 How important is the $235K paving of convenience center lots scheduled in FY 2014?  Response
27 Why are we renovating the Lick Run Community Center?  Response
28 Will the $160K system update planned for the Treasurer’s Office reduce personnel?  Response
29 Why is there a $40K increase in the County Attorney’s Office budget?  Response
30 Why is there an increase in the budget for the Health Department?  Response
31 Why is there a $500K increase in the budget for Social Services?  Response
32 Why is the Extension budget $160K?  Response
33 What is the increase by category for the Schools in FY 2014?  Response
34 Please provide justification and the details of the $4.6 million in bus replacements in the CIP for FY 2014.  Response
35 Please provide justification and the details of the $4.9 million in technology upgrades in the CIP for FY 2014.  Response
36 Why are Joint Fleet Maintenance costs increasing? Weren’t we supposed to experience savings?  Response
37 Why is the cost per student increasing? Are test scores increasing, as well?  Response
38 Enrollment is expected to decrease by approximately 200 students in FY 2014. Why is the School budget increasing?  Response
39 Assuming we purchase all the proposed vehicles what is anticipated revenue from resale?  Response 
40 Do we budget positions for a full year or partial year when we’re adding positions?  Response
41 Provide the raw numbers instead of the percentages for the demographics slide (Slide 5). Also, please provide the costs associated with the increases in each population. Response
42 Slide 10 – In addition to the comparisons shown, how does Spotsylvania compare to local school systems like Fredericksburg and Orange? Schools responded that they would provide this data for any locality that the BOS requested. Fredericksburg and Orange were the only two mentioned last night, but others may be requested later. Response
43 Please explain/show formula for calculation of cost per pupil from slide 9. Response
44 What are the costs associated with each of the “budget drivers?” Response
45 If we were to establish a night shift at the fleet facility, could we reduce the number of spare buses required? Response
46 Slide 30 – Explain the 10% reduction in Dr. Baker’s budget presentation.  Response
47 How are we funding CIP – Bonds or Cash or Both?  Response
48 What are the requirements for McKinney-Vento? Can we have regional bus stops? Response
49 What was the amount saved for the ROP? How did that help us? Response
50 As it pertains to health insurance cost, does the School Board’s Approved budget include covering the increase by the School Division? Do employees have a share in the increase? Can you share per month costs if they are sharing? Response
51 Schedule a time for the Fleet Service Director to provide a facility update to the Board of Supervisors.  Response
52 Explain the points on slide 30 of Dr. Baker’s presentation - $40M total.  Response
53 Explain the points on slide 30 of Dr. Baker’s budget presentation – position reductions  Response
54 Why did the local share of a 2% COLA change from $1.8M to $1.6M?  Response
55 Has the local appropriation to Schools operating costs increased by $2M per year as a result of reduced debt service?  Response
56 With declining or flat enrollment, explain why the school division is requesting an increase to the local budget.  Response
57 Please provide 2012 Special Education numbers and compare to 2013 numbers.  Response
58 Please provide 2012 English for Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL) numbers and compare to 2013 numbers. Response
59 Please provide a breakdown by areas for displaced students. Response
60 Please show a total of year by year cuts made to School budget. Response
61 Please provide performance data. Response
62 Would like to see yearly change (beginning with FY 2008) in the information provided in response to Question 46.   Response
63 Look at vacant property and consider options such as selling timber and other uses. Response
64 What are the criteria for the Free/Reduced Lunch program? Response
65 Suggest that the Schools work with the County’s Economic Development Department to determine advertising options. Response
66 For how long do ESOL students receive services? Response
67 Can Read 180 have an enterprise license? Response
68 Please provide a bar chart (graph) showing the data provided in response to Question 55.   
69 How many beds/shelter nights are provided at the Thurman Brisben Center (aka the homeless shelter) and has the center turned away any persons needing shelter?  Response

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