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How was I chosen for jury service? 

Once a year the Circuit Court notifies the Supreme Court of Virginia of the projected number of jurors that may be required for the following year. Using various lists such as Spotsylvania County Voter Registration or Department of Motor Vehicle lists, the Supreme Court creates a random list of the requested number of jurors. Questionnaires are mailed out to each person on that list. When you return your questionnaire, you are entered into our Spotsylvania Circuit Court Jury Systems, Inc. program where you become part of the jury pool. Throughout the course of the year we utilize the jury program to again randomly choose the number of jurors required for each given month. Those jurors are then summoned to juror orientation. The selection method is designed to produce a cross section of the community. Men and women over 18 years of age and from all walks of life have an equal opportunity to be called for jury service. 

Do I have to return my juror questionnaire? 

Yes. Failure to return your questionnaire may result in your being summoned to the Clerk's office to complete the form. Questionnaires may be mailed or you can go online to complete your questionnaire.Information to access your questionnaire online is under Special Instructions on your Jury Questionnaire. 

Do I have to respond to the summons to jury service? 

Yes. A summons is not an invitation nor a suggestion. A summons is a command from the Court. Failure to respond may result in your being held in Contempt of Court. 

What if I can't perform jury service right now? 

Jury service is a civil obligation. Jurors are an extremely important part of the judicial system. Without your service, justice would not be properly served. However, it is understandable that sometimes we are summoned at the most impossible time. Rest assured that our Jury Coordinator, Cheryl Pyktel (cpyktel@vacourts.gov), works very hard to help accommodate your schedule so you may fulfill your obligation. Requests for excusal on specific conflict days are almost always honored. You will learn more about conflict day requests at juror orientation. 

You won't be excused because jury service is inconvenient or because you have a busy schedule, but you may be excused or deferred for reasons such as a physical ailment. Requests for medical excusal or deferral must contain a note from your physician. 

What about my job? 

Your employer can't fire, demote, or otherwise penalize you for missing work while performing jury service. Many employers will continue to pay your salary while you are in jury service. Contact your employer to find out what the policy is at your job. 

Will I be reimbursed for serving on a jury? 

You will be reimbursed $30 per day for attendance for each day you must report to the courthouse. This amount is set by the state legislature and is in consideration of your travel and meal expenses. You are not required to report your juror pay as income on your tax return. 

How long will I be in jury service? 

Spotsylvania County Jurors are expected to serve for a one month term. Although you are part of the jury pool for one month, in actuallity you will most likely report just one or two days and sometimes not at all. 

What if an unexpected emergency keeps me from coming to the courthouse while I'm on a jury? 

It is very important that all jurors report each day they are told to report and that they be on time. All jurors are expected to report no later than 8:30 am. Your absence may delay a trial. If you have an emergency (such as a sudden illness or a death in the family), call the court 540-507-7636 immediately. 

How will I know what to expect and what to do during my jury service? 

In addition to the information included here, Spotsylvania Circuit Court provides an orientation program for jurors to inform and educate them about jury service and the trial process. The orientation will inform you of the procedures for checking in on the days you must report to the courthouse, how you find out when to report, what the court's hours are, and what to do if you have an emergency during jury service. Additionally, you will learn about your role as a juror and what you should and should not do while in the courthouse or serving on a jury. The orientation is held at 6:45 pm and usually lasts about one hour. 

What hours will I serve? 

Spotsylvania Circuit hours are from 8:00 am until 4:30 pm, Monday through Friday. However, there is no guarantee that a jury trial will end by our closing time. If you are called to report for service it is important that you make arrangements for the possibility that you may be here later than "normal" hours. If not selected for a jury, you may be able to leave early. Jurors will be given a lunch break and may be given other breaks during a trial. 

I have heard that sometimes jurors are not allowed to go home until after the trial is over. Will this happen to me? 

Usually, jurors go home at the end of the day and return the next morning. However, in extremely rare cases, a jury will be "sequestered" during the trial or during the jury's deliberations. Sequestered means that instead of going home at the end of the day, jurors stay in hotels, where their access to other people and to radio and television news or newspapers is limited. This is usually to keep them from accidentally hearing something about the trial that wasn't told in court or from being influenced by news reports. This is important because juries must reach their decisions based only on what they've heard during the trial. In almost all Virginia jury trials, however, the jury goes home at the end of each day and is simply told not to discuss the case with anyone nor to watch, read, or listen to news reports about the case. It is essential that you follow these instructions. 

Is there anything I can do to make my jury service more comfortable, convenient, and enjoyable? 

Certainly! While efforts are made to reduce delay and avoid waiting time, you may have to wait awhile at the courthouse before you find out whether you have been chosen to actually sit on a jury. So bring a book, some needlework, or other quiet activity; solve a crossword puzzle; write a letter; sketch a picture; or get to know your fellow jurors. Remember that as a juror, you are a vital part of the court system. Part of the job of many court employees, such as the bailiffs and the clerks, is to help make your jury service comfortable and convenient. Don't be afraid to ask them for help.

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