Youth Basketball Game Schedules 2018-2019

Cancellations due to inclement weather can be heard by calling our cancellation line at 898-8546 and/or sign up for alerts to be received through e-mails, text messages, or your pager at Cancellations will be available as soon as a decision is made to cancel. Please listen to the message carefully. If weather conditions are questionable and you do not hear or receive a cancellation announcement, you should report for your game.


Developmental (co-ed Age 6) 

PeeWee CES (co-ed Age 7)
PeeWee SSE (co-ed Age 7)
Bantam (boys Age 8)
Bantam (girls Age 8) 
 Minor Boys (boys Age 9) 
 Rookie (girls Age 9)
Major Coastal (boys Age 10)
Major Atlantic (boys Age 10)  Major (girls Age 10) 
Junior Boys (boys Age 11) 
 Junior (girls Age 11)
Senior (boys Age 12) 
Senior (girls Age 12) 
Prep East (boys Age 13-14) 
Prep (girls Age 13-14) 
Prep West (boys Age 13-14)
Varsity Boys (boys Age 15-17)