Utilities/Public Works Notices

Sanitary Sewer Easement Clearing

Spotsylvania County Department of Utilities will have a contractor clearing brush in the sanitary sewer easement between Piedmont Drive and Courthouse Road from July 22nd to August 12th, 2019, weather permitting.  

Water Quality Report

The 2018 Water Quality Report is now available.  For more information, please visit:  Water Quality Reports.  

Sanitary Sewer Smoke Testing

Spotsylvania County Department of Utilities will be performing sanitary sewer smoke testing to locate defects in the sanitary sewer system .  During smoke testing, residents may see non-toxic smoke coming from vent stacks on houses or holes in the ground around sewer mains.  Smoke should not enter your home unless you have defective plumbing or dry drain traps.  If you have seldom-used drains, please pour water in the drains to fill the traps.  For more information on smoke testing and what to expect, click on this link:  Sanitary Sewer Smoke Testing or view this notice (pdf).

Spotsylvania County Utilities Water Meter Upgrades

Spotsylvania County Utilities (SCU) is dedicated to providing the most efficient and safest water service possible.  Over the next 24 months, our partnered installation Contractor will be installing automated smart meters throughout SCU's service area.  Smart Metering (Link)  Here is the Project Information Bulletin (PDF).  Should you have any questions about smart metering, please contact SCU's Customer Service department at (540) 507-7300, option 1.   

Development Community Update - April 2019 - #2

An additional policy document has been added to the Spotsylvania County Utilities/Public Works website.

  1. Policy Document 19-04 outlines the criteria for the use of 1" PEX-A pipe for the installation of water services utilizing 5/8" or 3/4" water meters.  

Development Community Update - April 2019 - #1

Two additional policy documents have been added to the Spotsylvania County Utilities/Public Works website.  

  1. Policy Document 19-02 clarifies the bonding water and sanitary sewer systems of all subdivision and infrastructure bonds submitted to Spotsylvania County.
  2. Policy Document 19-03 restates that the DIPRA Design Decision Model is the default and only methodology used to determine the corrosivity of soils for areas where ductile iron pipe will be installed.  The DIPRA Design Decision Model was adopted in the 2018 Spotsylvania County Utilities Water and Sewer Design and Construction Standards.  PD 19-03 reaffirms the use of the DIPRA Design Decision Model.

As a reminder, the only allowable materials for the construction of water mains in the Spotsylvania County Water System is Zinc Coated Ductile Iron (Minimum Pressure Class is 350, Minimum Thickness Class 52) and C-900 PVC (Minimum Class DR14).  Any material or pipe class not specified int he 2013 or 2018 version of the Spotsylvania County Utilities Water and Sanitary Sewer Design and Construction Standards will not be accepted.  Ex.:  C-900 PVC, Class DR18, will not be accepted in lieu of C-900 PVC, Class DR14.

Spotsylvania County Utilities Water and Sewer Design and Construction Standards Manual (link)

Ni River Reservoir Aeration System Installed

On Monday, December 3, 2018, the Spotsylvania County Utilities Department will commission an aeration system at the Ni River Reservoir in order to improve water quality.  While the aeration system is not visible from the shoreline, the air that it produces will be visible as fine bubbles when the system is in operation.  This is normal and not a cause for concern.  A photo of the system in operation can be found below:

Companies Providing In-Home Water Sampling

It has recently come to our attention that some neighborhoods within Spotsylvania County Utilities (SCU) service district are being offered free in-home water testing. Sample vials with literature are being dropped off offering free water tests. These vials and literature are not being distributed by SCU employees, but are being delivered by a private company selling in-home filtration units. Public water supplied by SCU to your home must meet stringent federal and state regulations. SCU provides water that meets or exceeds all federal and state regulations for over 113 listed potential contaminants including lead and bacteria. Please take a moment to review our Annual Water Quality Report for more information.