SUP18-0001 sPower Development Co., LLC dba sPower

The Planning Commission held a public hearing December 5, 2018.  Please use this link to view the agenda.  The public hearing was closed and is scheduled for further review on January 2, 2019.  Please note that compiled correspondence is included as attachments in both Correspondence 1 and  Correspondence  2 (which is available through the large file link.)  You may need to update your Adobe PDF viewer and Adobe flash.  Please be patient as the file downloads.

If you wish to send comments or questions, please contact Case Planner, Patrick White, at 540-507-7427 or at (Note:  sPower representatives will also be copied on email)

To download the GDP, right click on the word "Plan" above and select 'Save Link As.'  Please be patient.  Once the 'Save as" window opens, select a location on your computer to save the file, such as your Desktop or Downloads directory.  After saving the zip file to your computer you can open the file using your file explorer.