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Department Summary

The Utilities/Public Works Department is a self-supporting enterprise fund, meaning the financial requirements of the department are met through user fees, connection fees, payments from outside entities and other self-generated revenues, rather than local tax revenue. The department is also responsible for the oversight of the Refuse Management and County Capital Projects divisions that are funded through fees and other local tax revenue.  In total the department operates eight separate divisions to accommodate the water, sewer, capital construction and solid waste needs of the County.


The Administration Division carries out all administrative tasks including oversight of all department activities, customer service, capital projects management, environmental management system implementation, a safety program, regulatory compliance, records and reporting, engineering, clerical, and file storage.  This division is also responsible for meter reading, placing meters for new connections, meter maintenance, and account maintenance for more than 30, 000 water and/or wastewater accounts.

Wastewater Treatment

The Wastewater Treatment Division includes operation of the County's three wastewater treatment facilities, three wastewater facilities for the Spotsylvania County School Board, and composting operations.  

Water Production and Quality 

The Water Production and Quality Division includes the operation and maintenance of three dams and reservoirs, two river intakes and two water treatment plants that provide water to Spotsylvania County and the City of Fredericksburg and oversight of the Water Demand Management Program.

Engineering and Construction

The Engineering and Construction Division includes three main areas of operation:  engineering, construction and capital projects.  The engineering staff reviews all plats and plans for projects, designs projects for system improvements in the distribution and collection systems, provides engineering solutions for treatment plant expansions and operations, and oversight for the development and planning of the Water/Sewer Master Plan to support the County's Comprehensive Plan.

Field Services

The Field Services Division operates and maintains the County's water and sewage transmission system.  The system consists of more than 1,200 miles of water and sewer mains, laterals, and appurtenances.  The division maintains 49 sewage pump stations, and identifies and corrects defects and other conditions that may allow extraneous water to enter the sewerage system.  In addition, this division is responsible for underground water and sewer line locations.  


The Laboratory Division is charged with providing laboratory testing for the department's other divisions, as well as for the City of Fredericksburg and the Spotsylvania County School Board.  The laboratory is certified by the Division of Consolidated Laboratory Services (DCLS) for drinking water analysis under federal and Virginia Safe Drinking Water Program (SDWP) regulations.  The laboratory is certified for wastewater testing under the Virginia Environmental Laboratory Accreditation Program (VELAP).  The laboratory operates 365 days per year, is staffed by five employees and provides permit and regulatory compliance, as well as operations testing for water, wastewater, solid waste, and storm water.  

Refuse Management

The Refuse Management Division provides for solid waste collection, disposal and recycling.  The County has one landfill and 13 convenience sites.  Refuse Collection is responsible for collecting and hauling of refuse, sludge, and recyclables form the County convenience sites, schools, and wastewater plants; performs maintenance on refuse and recycling vehicles and equipment; and manages the County wood-waste reduction program.  Refuse Disposal operates the County's only sanitary landfill in an efficient manner, and ensures that it meets and complies with all County, State, and Federal guidelines and regulations, and maintains the County's four closed landfills in regard to post-closure care/maintenance, groundwater monitoring, and methane gas monitoring.  Recycling and Litter Control provides residents the opportunity and means to protect and enhance their natural environment by educating and encouraging residents to conserve natural resources and divert waste by implementing the following guidelines:  source reduction, recycling, pollution control and energy/water conservation.  In addition, this division coordinates and manages the County's road side litter collection programs.  

Facilities Management

Facilities Management (previously known as General Services) is responsible for providing safe and well-maintained facilities under their jurisdiction, both County-owned and leased.  The services include maintenance, repair, utilities, custodial services, office relocations/renovations, street sign installation, and creation of signs for County buildings and School facilities.  Facilities Management staff also maintains the Facility Asset Management Program, a building life cycle management database that dictates replacement of roofs, HVAC, windows, painting, carpet/flooring, etc.


 Water and Sewer provided by the County

Statistics as of February 2019


Rated Plant capacity (2 plants) 21.0 million gallons per day (mgd)
Average daily plant production 10 mgd
Water storage 6.75 million gallons
Reservoirs 3 Ni River, Hunting Run and Motts Run
Customers 31,353  
Plant capacity (3 plants) 13.775 mgd
Average effluent flows 10.2 mgd
Pumping stations 46  
Customers 30,034  

Source:  Spotsylvania County Utilities/Public Works Department

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